OxOffice 更新公告

與 OxOffice Online 商用版本、OxOffice Online 社群版本及 OxOffice 桌面版本相關的更新公告,都會在此公佈~

OxOffice Online 社群版本更新公告




    1. 修正 Impress Online 文字方塊點選後無法取消的問題
    2. 在 sendUnoCommand 時阻擋特定的指令
    3. 移除對 verticaltext 的雙次啟用防範條件
    4. OxOOL Server 新增接收 client 傳送三條新的指令
    5. Toolbar.js: 改用 L.dialog.run 呼叫 dialog
    6. 修正及更新 Actions.js
    7. 更新繁體中文翻譯
    8. wsd: forbid access_token to connect by pasting URL.
    9. If getItemProperty() cannot find the status of the uno command, it returns an empty object.
    10. Toolbar.js: Added export format list and read function getExportFormats()
    11. 更新 dockerfile
    12. Add missing button icon in jquery.mCustomScrollbar.
    13. 重寫 Impress 的預覽處理程式
    14. calc: When changing the cell position, the cursor is not required to be displayed.
    15. toolbar.js: Change the ID of the toolbar clear format button to reset attributes' to reflect the button status.
    16. toolbar.js: The clear format commands of impress and writer and calc are different and need to be handled separately
    17. impress: Mandatory setting of the width of the slide-sorter to avoid overlapping of the scroll axis and the preview image.
    18. calc: Fix the cursor movement algorithm of selected cell text to avoid the cursor disappearing problem.
    19. calc: hide the vertical scroll of worksheet labels.
    20. calc: rewrite the worksheet label column handler.
    21. impress 的「插入」-「頁首與頁尾」的功能選單移除
    22. writer 插入選單功能順序調整
    23. [後端]:新增 uno command OxSaveGraphic,OxChangePicture
    24. [後端]:修正依賴關係
    25. [後端]:要在 xlsx 中插入圖形時不要使用 "resize_shape_to_fix_text"
    26. [後端]:從 Microsoft Excel 貼上文件到 Calc 時隱藏 TextImportCsvDialog
    27. [後端]:新增 urw 字型依賴關係以修正部份問題
    28. [後端]:新增 uno command OxProtect


    1. impress: Change the icon and display position of the mouse effect and the special effect.

    2. jquery-contextmenu upgrate to 2.9.2.

    3. Toolbar.js has two amendments

      • getUnoCommandIcon() prioritizes whether the command is a resource Icon.

      • getDocumentStatus() delays 50 milliseconds before sending the status command.

    4. Actions.js added ShowSlide, HideSlide.

    5. toolbar.js: After setting the transition animation, update the document status.

    6. Change the Traditional Chinese translation:「非使用中文件 - 請點按按鍵繼續編輯」→「文件閒置中 – 請點按按鍵繼續」。

    7. Add poco denpendency.

    8. 新增前端處理 status code 相關程式碼。

    9. 20201211 更新部份繁體中文翻譯。

    10. calc: When editing in mobile mode, let the water drop indicator appear.

    11. mobile-readonly: enable search & change the ui.

    12. Added prompt icon for Dialog.

    13. Control.Dialogs.js: Enhance the function of dynamically loading external Dialog.

      • In addition to loading with map.fire('executeDialog', {dialog:'xxxxxx'}), you can also use L.dialog.run('xxxxx', {......});

      • Added three preset Dialogs: L.dialog.confirm, L.dialog.alert, L.dialog.prompt, and can have prompt icons. For a simple dialog, there is no need to load an external hand-carved dialog.

    14. TileLayer.js: If the image is scaled or rotated, remove the cache svg data.

    15. L.dialog.prompt(): add password attribute.

    16. Bug fix.

      • Perform the archive action, and the message "Archiving..." will always be displayed.

      • Click the Close File button. If the file has been modified, the error message will be displayed, but the window will not be closed.

      • Modify the check icon before the right-click icon, which can be changed dynamically.

    17. Writer: Fixed the problem that menuitem zoomed in and out was disabled.

    18. Fixed a typing error in the "Hidden Worksheet" code.

    19. Update Traditional Chinese Translation.

    20. Fixed an issue where the virtual keyboard of the handheld device would cover up the editing cursor.

    21. Fix the problem that the file password cannot be opened if it contains blank characters.

    22. File modification time is hidden by default.

    23. After the menubar is initialized, the modification time and file name will be displayed.

    24. Add new icon.(deletecell.svg)

    25. impress: 修正側邊欄位縮圖超出可視範圍的問題。 如果 SelectedFrame 超出可視範圍,重新設定側邊欄定位,使 SelectedFrame 置於可視範圍中第一張縮圖的位置。

    26. calc: 修正所選工作表超出可視範圍的問題。 如果 SelectedTab 超出可視範圍,重新設定Tabs列表定位,使 SelectedTab 置於可視範圍內。

    27. Fix core javascripts.

    28. Add http status code 499:

    29. Re-open .uno:EditShapeHyperlink (Edit Hyperlink)

    30. [後端]Revert "o[writer]: InsertGraphic anchor default use FLY_AS_CHAR"

    31. [後端]sd: renameSlide & assignLayout 必須通知共編者更新狀態。

    32. [後端]sd: 新增 changeSlideExclusionState(bool) 隱藏或顯示投影片。

    33. [後端]o[deb]: deb packages add Section,Priority info

    34. [後端]o[uno]: add uno command OxSaveGraphic,OxChangePicture for test
      後端]Revert "o[calc]: Fixed xlsx add sheets issue crash"

    35. [後端]sc: 修正超連結右鍵選單之「開啟超連結」無效問題 同時也修正了 Online 圖片、圖案、文字方塊有超連結,就不能選取及拖曳的問題。

    36. [後端]temporarily fixed Fixed xlsx add sheets issue crash


    1. log 時間改為顯示機器本地時間

    2. Grant oxool the cap_dac_override permission.

    3. Set the backup log file name suffix time to be the same as the local machine time.

    4. Fixed the problem that the function map.forceCellCommit() cannot be used repeatedly

    5. set png compress level to 4

    6. [docker] add dockerfile to build container

    7. [docker] install oxool from yum repo

    8. calc: Fix the problem of incorrect scrolling and clicking when the number of worksheets exceeds the screen area.

    9. View mode and output is not prohibited to display download as XXX and print button.

    10. 實作關閉文件確認存檔機制:

會送出 UI_Close 給 WPOI HOST 端,然後結束。

若是檔案未被修改過,則 送出 UI_Close 給 WPOI HOST 端,然後結束。

若是已修改過,會送出 save 訊息,通知 OxOOL 存檔並存回 WOPI HOST,等到收到確定存檔通知後,再送出 UI_Close 給 WPOI HOST 端, 然後結束。

    1. 關閉檔案統一執行 map.closeDocument()

    2. 修正 OxOffice Dialog 面積太大,畫面容納不下的問題。

    3. Add calc worksheet and impress detail information, need patch OxOffice.

    4. Added map.getDocumentStatus() to enable OxOOL to retrieve the document status.

    5. 確保 this._map.CallPythonScriptSource 檢查正確

    6. 新增 impress 預覽用的圖示

    7. Socket.js parseServerCmd adds partdetail conversion.

    8. Modify calc and impress related css style.

    9. calc impress 詳細資訊使用新格式

    10. impress can show whether there is transition animation, mouse animation and whether it is hidden.

    11. Fix the problem of parser error caused by worksheet protection icon.

    12. Rewrite right-click menu to avoid using <a> tag to prevent the browser from displaying strange links.

    13. Parts.js added map.getPartProperty([part]) function.

    14. partsInfo does not need to be exported to the outside.

    15. Control.PartPreview.js obtains detailed properties of slides through a unified method.

    16. Fixed the problem that when the dialog generated by OxOffice exceeds the height of the screen, the screen will be rolled back when clicking the bottom.

    17. Correct the size of some icons.

    18. Preview.js: Move the close button to the right and change the icon to X. Click the file icon to display the about window.

    19. Before closing the editor, if it is not wrapped in a frame, close it directly.

    20. Corrected some icons.

    21. Fix the problem of load exception if there is a'%' symbol in the user name.

    22. calc: Editing the hyperlink will cause the picture not to be selected, temporarily closed.

    23. Fix the related CSS styles on the left side of impress.

    24. impress: Improve the appearance of the vertical scroll bar in the preview on the left.

    25. impress: Change the icon and display position of the mouse effect and the special effect.

    26. jquery-contextmenu upgrate to 2.9.2

    27. impress: Add layout icon.

    28. Toolbar.js has two amendments:

      • getUnoCommandIcon() prioritizes whether the command is a resource Icon.

      • getDocumentStatus() delays 50 milliseconds before sending the status command.

    29. Change the Traditional Chinese translation:

      • 「非使用中文件 - 請點按按鍵繼續編輯」→「文件閒置中 - 請點按按鍵繼續」

    30. Add poco denpendency

    31. [後端]Fixed xlsx add sheets issue crash

    32. [後端] 底層核心升級至 Libreoffice 6.3.6

    33. [後端] calc: 修改 getPartInfo,取得更詳細資訊。

    34. [後端] impress: 修改 getPartInfo,取得更詳細資訊。

    35. [後端][writer]: InsertGraphic anchor default use FLY_AS_CHAR


    1. Need to wait for the SVG download of the graph to be completed before dragging.

    2. loleaflet: put the selected picture into the cache

    3. 加速多人共編圖片選取移動效率

    4. [後端]o[pdf][m1290]: disabled Common.xcs DisplayPDFDocumentTitle

    5. [後端]calc: 新增下列四個 uno commands

      • .uno:AutoAverage(平均值)

      • .uno:AutoMin(最小值)

      • .uno:AutoMax(最大值)

      • .uno:AutoCount(計數)

    6. [後端]傳回圖片 svg 時,在 extraInfo 多放一個 hash code

    7. [後端]圖形物件選取 CALLBACK 傳回資訊要區隔:原本傳給 LOK_CALLBACK_GRAPHIC_SELECTION 的資訊,也會一起傳給 LOK_CALLBACK_GRAPHIC_VIEW_SELECTION,如此造成 _onGraphicViewSelectionMsg 函數 JSON 錯誤,現改成傳給 LOK_CALLBACK_GRAPHIC_VIEW_SELECTION 不須帶 ExtraInfo


    1. WopiInfo sent to Client adds a new DocumentOwner field.以辨識該文件是否由檔案擁有者編輯。

    2. Editing in ODF format can only be executed by the file owner, and others can only open it in read-only format.

    3. 重新修改 api (/hosting/version) 回報 lool 以及 lokiit 版本資訊。

    4. getVersionInfo with parameter "branch" 移植回來

    5. Add build require package to depency script

    6. Update debian install script

    7. The following API addresses are displayed on the console side.

      • /hosting/version

      • /hosting/capabilities

      • /hosting/discovery

    8. Change the new fontconfig settings.

    9. calc: Zoomout extends from 100% to 60% minimum.

    10. Rewrite the new oxool fonts config.

    11. Avoid missing characters caused by installing oxool & ndcodfweb at the same time.

    12. calc: After the "Set Percentage" button in the toolbar, add a "Set Number" button.

    13. Remove signed document option.

    14. Add files that git does not need to track.

    15. 修改繁體中文翻譯

      • 文字方塊 -> 水平文字方塊

      • 垂直文字 -> 垂直文字方塊

    16. calc: Intercept the input method activation event when inputting in the formula column

    17. Remove the upper limit of oxool open file and use cpu

    18. Fix name format.

    19. Simplify the downloadas process.

    20. calc: Spreadsheet preview zoom can be from 60%~200%.

    21. calc: If the open document is a spreadsheet, set the zoom to a minimum of 60%.

    22. calc: Solve the problem that the spreadsheet file cannot be zoomed in touch mode.

    23. Change the vertical center alignment icon.

    24. toolbar: Add and modify toolbar buttons

    25. Added four icons for text direction and text box css style.

    26. No need to put the font path that comes with OxOffice in the system


    1. Update ubuntu installation script.
    2. Upgrade bootstrap to version 3.4.1.
    3. oxoolwsd: Introduce freetype and fontconfig to assist background font management.
    4. Add font management.
    5. Fixed the problem that the last edited data of the spreadsheet file was not archived.
    6. admin: Return the font json to the client, change boolean to string.
    7. fontconfig dependent version down to 2.12.6.
    8. Fixed WOPI fileinfo not receiving UserExtraInfo and causing JSON Exception.
    9. Add the font path of OxOffice to the fontconfig of the system.
    10. [後端][impress][svg]: 增加符號清單 add lost bullet char-define: ►
    11. [後端][impress][svg]: 修復頁尾文字跟編號 also parse Placeholder.
    12. [後端][impress][svg]: 修復頁尾時間parse Placeholder use aOOOAttrDateTimeField。
    13. [後端][impress][svg]: 修復 svg 檔內容 BulletCharElem Id。
    14. [後端][fonts]: 更新字型 update SourceHanSans font use filetype ttc
    15. [後端]LoKit: 新增文字浮水印可旋轉角度。
    16. [後端]LoKit: 新增讓 PDF 也能使用對角浮水印。
    17. [後端][fonts]: 更改字型權限 SoureHanSans-fonts to 644。


    1. Put WOPI UserExtraInfo in Wopi info and pass it to Client.
    2. 將 Preview.js 加在擷取翻譯列表。
    3. Added goto page button.
    4. Added "Edit in ODF" function.
    5. The menu is not displayed in non-edit mode or mobile phone mode.
    6. Added Traditional Chinese translation of "Edit in ODF format".
    7. Fix close button disappeared after folding.
    8. Writer: According to the editing mode, decide whether to display the ruler.
    9. Change close button icon.
    10. Remove duplicate file.
    11. admin: If there is no set value, replace it with the default value.
    12. Add font directory and settings managed by oxool.
    13. 提供外部開發機制。
    14. SDK: Implement oxool module SDK.
    15. Remove the include_header in oxool debian package.


    1.  Fix _lastmodtime will appear undefined
    2.  Added spectrum-colorpicker2 package
    3.  Update extensions, add binding line macros
    4.  Fix the problem that the runmacro parameter blank is cut off.
    5. Added menubar item id to specify 'macro:///'
    6.  Writer: Added inserting gutter function. (裝訂線)
    7.  Added traditional Chinese translation related to gutter. (裝訂線)
    8.  Fix sign compare issue.
    9.  Encode with encodeURI before executing the macro to avoid blank spaces being cut off.
    10.  Add OSSII official website address.
    11.  Add 'hasTemplateSaveAs' and 'hasTemplateSource' To capabilities.
    12.  Add print or download PDF Add watermark mechanism.


    1. add missing #include <list>
    2. wsd: fix crash with read-only documents + uno command without param
    3. admin console: fix handling of out of range kill parameter
    4. admin: cleanup sent/recv accounting - and initialize the totals.
    5. 新增 OxOffice banner 圖片
    6. 新增官方文件說明連結
    7. Added the function of intercepting shortcut keys.
    8. impress: Added projection function from the current page (Shift + F5)
    9. Fix impress view mode download pptx is mistakenly planted as xlsx.
    10. If the PDF watermark is not specified,it does not need to be added in filterOptions.
    11. Remove the timeago package and related code.
    12. Added Traditional Chinese translation related to the most recent modification time.
    13. 修改 impress svg 格式投影 script,加上可取得網址參數功能,就能指定開始播放的頁面


    1. close button instead default to invisible.
    2. writer: Only need to display ruler when changing to edit mode.
    3. Rewrite ./configure parameter.
    4. Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/OSSII/oxool-community.
    5. 移除不需要的 debian 相依套件
      • Use pip to install polib
      • Use nvm to setup node & npm
    6. 新增安裝相依套件的腳本
    7. Add net-tools for development purpose.
    8. use original auto_configure.
    9. Update Ubuntu-18.04 build instruction.
    10. Fix some typo in README.md
    11. Add one more dependency for building.
    12. Add dependencies to oxool.
    13. Add ossii logo file and css style.
    14. Merge pull request #6 from fweng322/master. Fix README.md and add debian repository support.
    15. Add ./autogen.sh for configure step.
    16. New toolbar for viewing or read-only mode.
    17. Add travis.yml for building 18.04(bionic) deb.
    18. Convert SVG format to PNG format.
    19. Update css style files.
    20. Add keyboard shortcut dialog.
    21. Centralize commonly used functions to avoid duplication of design.
    22. Change 'basicshapes_ellips' to 'insertdraw'.
    23. Enhanced UNO command execution mechanism.
    24. Remove unnecessary image files.
    25. writer: Mobile mode can also scroll.
    26. toolbar: Use new action mechanism.
    27. New view and readonly mode.
    28. Only edit mode is required to display the toolbar and close button.
    29. If the content changes, the save button must be enabled.
    30. Change app name to OxOffice Online.
    31. Fix the input problem in the spreadsheet cell.


    1. calc: 修正 readonly 模式時,document-container 留白問題。
    2. 修正 toolbar 顯示時機:除了 edit 模式外,都不顯示。
    3. Add files that git must ignore.
    4. menubar fixed:
      • Distinguish between view mode and readonly mode.
      • Don't send automatic report without uno command.
    5. Always display the file icon.
    6. Remove unwanted files: dist_git_hash.


    1. 初版釋出

OxOffice Online 商用版本更新公告


OxOffice 桌面版本更新公告