OxOffice Online 社群版本更新公告




  • 2020-06-28


    1.  Fix _lastmodtime will appear undefined
    2.  Added spectrum-colorpicker2 package
    3.  Update extensions, add binding line macros
    4.  Fix the problem that the runmacro parameter blank is cut off.
    5. Added menubar item id to specify 'macro:///'
    6.  Writer: Added inserting gutter function. (裝訂線)
    7.  Added traditional Chinese translation related to gutter. (裝訂線)
    8.  Fix sign compare issue.
    9.  Encode with encodeURI before executing the macro to avoid blank spaces being cut off.
    10.  Add OSSII official website address.
    11.  Add 'hasTemplateSaveAs' and 'hasTemplateSource' To capabilities.
    12.  Add print or download PDF Add watermark mechanism.
  • 2020-06-02


    1. add missing #include <list>
    2. wsd: fix crash with read-only documents + uno command without param
    3. admin console: fix handling of out of range kill parameter
    4. admin: cleanup sent/recv accounting - and initialize the totals.
    5. 新增 OxOffice banner 圖片
    6. 新增官方文件說明連結
    7. Added the function of intercepting shortcut keys.
    8. impress: Added projection function from the current page (Shift + F5)
    9. Fix impress view mode download pptx is mistakenly planted as xlsx.
    10. If the PDF watermark is not specified,it does not need to be added in filterOptions.
    11. Remove the timeago package and related code.
    12. Added Traditional Chinese translation related to the most recent modification time.
    13. 修改 impress svg 格式投影 script,加上可取得網址參數功能,就能指定開始播放的頁面
  • 2020-04-08


    1. close button instead default to invisible.
    2. writer: Only need to display ruler when changing to edit mode.
    3. Rewrite ./configure parameter.
    4. Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/OSSII/oxool-community.
    5. 移除不需要的 debian 相依套件
      • Use pip to install polib
      • Use nvm to setup node & npm
    6. 新增安裝相依套件的腳本
    7. Add net-tools for development purpose.
    8. use original auto_configure.
    9. Update Ubuntu-18.04 build instruction.
    10. Fix some typo in README.md
    11. Add one more dependency for building.
    12. Add dependencies to oxool.
    13. Add ossii logo file and css style.
    14. Merge pull request #6 from fweng322/master. Fix README.md and add debian repository support.
    15. Add ./autogen.sh for configure step.
    16. New toolbar for viewing or read-only mode.
    17. Add travis.yml for building 18.04(bionic) deb.
    18. Convert SVG format to PNG format.
    19. Update css style files.
    20. Add keyboard shortcut dialog.
    21. Centralize commonly used functions to avoid duplication of design.
    22. Change 'basicshapes_ellips' to 'insertdraw'.
    23. Enhanced UNO command execution mechanism.
    24. Remove unnecessary image files.
    25. writer: Mobile mode can also scroll.
    26. toolbar: Use new action mechanism.
    27. New view and readonly mode.
    28. Only edit mode is required to display the toolbar and close button.
    29. If the content changes, the save button must be enabled.
    30. Change app name to OxOffice Online.
    31. Fix the input problem in the spreadsheet cell.
  • 2020-03-27


    1. calc: 修正 readonly 模式時,document-container 留白問題。
    2. 修正 toolbar 顯示時機:除了 edit 模式外,都不顯示。
    3. Add files that git must ignore.
    4. menubar fixed:
      • Distinguish between view mode and readonly mode.
      • Don't send automatic report without uno command.
    5. Always display the file icon.
    6. Remove unwanted files: dist_git_hash.
  • 2020-03-19


    1. 初版釋出