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Installation guide for OxOffice Online v4 Community on CentOS 7 in PVE LXC

Please download "centos-7-default" LXC template on your PVE first

Select CentOS 7 LXC template on PVE.png

You can see CentOS 7 LXC template in "CT templates" section

CentOS 7 PVE LXC Template.png

Create a new CT using "Create CT" button

CentOS 7 PVE LXC Setup.png

CentOS 7 PVE LXC Setup Finish.png

Start created CT, login as root and excute following commands to install needed programs and OxOOL Community edition:

yum install vim openssh* net-tools unzip wget -y
cd /etc/yum.repos.d
yum upgrade -y
yum groupinstall "OxOOL Community Group" -y

Start OxOOL Community edition service when booting and reboot

systemctl enable oxoolwsd

Check if OxOOL Community edition starts normally

netstat -tlnp

You should get some results like this:

tcp6     0    0    :::9980		      :::*   	LISTEN   644/oxool

P. S. When steps above are finished, you can use "More"→"Convert to template" to generate new LXC template that contains OxOOL Community edition.