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Installation guide for OxOffice Online v4 Community on Rocky Linux 8

Please download and install the latest version of Rocky Linux 8, when operating system installation is done, please follow steps to upgrade your system, install required packages and OxOffice Online v4 Community (we recommend executing these commands as normal user, remove sudo prefix if you are excuting them as root user).

sudo dnf config-manager --set-enabled powertools
sudo dnf upgrade -y
sudo dnf install epel-release -y
sudo dnf install vim net-tools unzip wget -y
cd /etc/yum.repos.d
sudo wget
sudo dnf upgrade -y
sudo dnf groupinstall "OxOOL Community Group" -y

Disable SELinux

sudo vim /etc/selinux/config # You can choose any preferred text editor to edit this file
# Search "SELinux=enforcing" line, and change "enforcing" to "disabled" or "permissive" then save and quit

Configure firewalld and open the default 9980 port

sudo firewall-cmd --zone=public --permanent --add-service=http
sudo firewall-cmd --zone=public --permanent --add-port=9980/tcp
sudo firewall-cmd --reload

Check if OxOOL Community edition starts normally

sudo netstat -tlnp

You should get some results like this:

tcp6     0    0    :::9980		      :::*   	LISTEN   644/oxool